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School of the Sacred Heart
New South Head Road, Rose Bay, Sydney
NSW 2029

Tel: +61 2 9388 6000
Email: annhenderson@optusnet.com.au
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Charles and Ionathan arrived on 27 December and settled into KRB to begin work immediately to set up their workroom.

A pause to enjoy the spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2008

The arrival by air freight of the 4 boxes of tools and the preparation of the tool room.
4 boxes of specialist tools came by air freight and have been unpacked and set up in readiness near the tribune.

A visit to Bunnings Hardware to find more necessary items to build an organ – including a vacuum and a broom!

Australian bees are playing their part in the restoration process.  Charles required 2kg of pure beeswax obtained from a beekeeper in southern Sydney. This is used in the treatment of the wood.