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"Early History of the Puget Organ"

Transcript from Newspaper Clipping of 1890 Inauguration of Puget Organ, Bordeaux
(Translation by Pastór de Lasala)

Religious News
Organ Inauguration - A brilliant religious and musical feast, presided over by the Vicar General Fr. Buche, took place yesterday in the chapel of the Sacred Heart Nuns, Caudéran Road, for the solemn inauguration of the new gallery organ built by Messrs. Theodore Puget & Son of Toulouse. A select audience flocked in the reserved part of the church. The programme was splendid. Mr Doney, organist of the main organ of St Seurin [Bordeaux], had been called to highlight the tonal possibilities of the organ. This very distinguished artist really excelled himself in performing - with great virtuosity - masterpieces by Mendelssohn, Lemmens, Th[éodore] Dubois, Guilmant, Th[éodore] Salomé and other famous musicians.
It must be said that he [i.e., Mr Doney] was marvellously served by an instrument which is a little new in this country, having a tone of exquisite freshness and of remarkable equality, expressive manuals, a sweetness and surprising flexibility. Mr Palma, a teacher in the Sacré-Coeur house, assisted in this feast, performing religious pieces. The solemn service concluded with the rhythm of a beautiful triumphal march by Lemmens, played by Mr Doney.
In sum, this new instrument combines all the necessary qualities for the performance of classical and modern music written for the organ, and gives the greatest credit to the builders Messrs. Théodore Puget - father and son - whose reputation can only increase.

Accompanying the newspaper article is a sketch of the organ, as originally installed. No precise date is given, nor the name of the Journal.
( Courtesy of the Puget Archives, M. J. Puget, as furnished to M. Pastór de Lasala, Assistant Consultant to the Puget Restoration Project)

organ 1946
Sketch showing how it was installed in the Convent in Bordeaux in 1890 1946 photograph of the Puget as installed in its original condition before the 1960 rebuild